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This product is standard  IEC62271-202.

Body material posts is made of galvanize sheet or oiled sheet that this posts coverage of electrostatic powders coating with a thickness of 80-100 microns.(Body material posts Tehran is made of oiled). 

The structure of posts by bolt and nut that Roof, doors and walls is made of 2.5 mm sheets and post columns and foundations is made of 3 mm sheets.

Transformers can be installed in a rail.

The roof post is Double glazed and  with a  air cross channel  and the ventilation system with Natural design which has sufficient slope to guide rainwater   


 Benefits posts kiosk (Prefabricated)

-Low dimensions and volume of the space occupied land to posts in comparison with earthly posts
-High coefficient of security and structure prefabricated compact Posts
-Low cost transport, build and installation in the building
-High durability and stability
-Maintenance and easier repair
- Comply with any conditions in terms of mechanical and thermal exchange
- Reducing energy loss in the electricity distribution network
- Installation and easy operation
- Decorated appearance and fit with the surrounding environment
- accordance with needs and ideal clients


Technical Specifications:

-Medium voltage and low voltage electrical switchgear Separated by a metal wall transformers to prevent from transformer heat transfer  to other equipment  
-Copper busbar is installed on all posts and full access for every side for installing earth cable  
- Door posts is controlled by special profiles that do not have any twists and vibration
-Post doors equipped with mechanical brakes and hinges & galvanized plating.
   -Door posts belt webbing by belt copper and instal to post earth basbar.
- Lock used to the posts is a hide specific type and the ability to  install the  lock pendant 
- Posts can be installed as dry transformers - HERMETIC and Conservatory.
- Posts containing capsules are firefighters,doors and lighting system synchronized with microswitch and thermostatic systems are coordinated with trans fans
- Transportation posts by hooks mounted on posts can be performed easily and not requires to additional equipment. 
Degree of Posts protection is IP23  and degree of protection medium voltage and low voltage electrical switchgear is IP42   
- Ability to enter the foundation from inside the post (MAN HOLE).

Technical Specifications posts kiosk (prefabricated)generated in accordance with Tehran Electricity Distribution Company in three  types:general, exclusive and proprietary That is as below:
Public  and exclusive posts in capacity of 200KVA up to 800 KVA as the following :
- Error indicator in the medium voltage switchgear
- Clock astronomical command for public lighting cells
- All cells of the MV have the capacitive voltage indicator   To ensure the head of the cable energization
-With TRIP COIL to get a commands for disconnect from the transformer protective equipment.
- Can be fitted with engine and remote command with a supply voltage of 48V - DC

Standards &Confirmation