12÷36 kV

The on-load switches TS1 series are made up of an epoxy cast resin housing, filled with 150kPa abs. pressured SF6 gas, operative life sealed.



  • The movable contacts are set up on the insulated rotary shaft, inside the cast resin body. The fixed contacts are mounted directly on the cast resin body.
  • The rotary motion of the shaft is made by an operating mechanism placed on the front.
  • The switch has three different positions: close, open and earthed, with an effective locking system that prevents incorrect operations.
  • The switch TS1 series provides the following remarkable characteristics: long service life, free maintenance of active parts, operating safety, limited overvoltage level.

Additional information

Rated voltage (kV)

12, 24, 36

Rated power-frequency withstand voltage 50Hz 1min (kV (r.m.s.))

28, 50, 70

Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage (kV (peak))

75, 125, 170

Rated frequency (Hz)

50, 60

Rated current (A)

630, 630

Rated short-circuit current (kA)

25 – 1s, 20 – 2s

Peak value (kA)

40, 50, 62.5
40, 50


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