The TS2 series of medium voltage vacuum circuit breakers for indoor installation are realized using the separate pole technique.



  • Each pole has a vacuum interrupter inside which, thanks to a special production process, is built in the resin directly during the cylinder moulding stage.
  • This construction technique ensure protection of the vacuum interrupter against impact, dust and condensation.
  • Remote control is possible thanks to special electrical accessories (geared motor, shunt opening release, etc.).
  • The operating mechanism, the three poles and the current sensors (if provided) are mounted on a metallic frame without wheels.
  • The device is particularly compact, sturdy and with very low weight.

Additional information

Rated voltage (kV)

12, 24, 36

Rated power-frequency withstand voltage 50Hz 1min (kV (r.m.s.))

28, 50, 70

Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage (kV (peak))

75, 125, 170

Rated frequency (Hz)

50, 60

Rated current (A)

630, 1250

Breaking capacity (kA)

16, 20
16, 20

Rated short-circuit current (kA)

16 – 3s, 20 -3s
16 – 3s, 20 -3s

Peak value (kA)

40, 50
40, 50


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