Through the training of collaborators, the diffusion of the Chart of Values and of the “Code of Conduction”, the Company promotes transparency, moral integrity and honesty. It does not want to take advantages to the detriment of Customers and Suppliers, except through the legal management of clear contractual relationships, without ambiguity and transparent in the recognition of the interests of the contracting parties. From this it follows that employees and those who work on behalf of the Company, must not in any way pursue and unjustly obtain profits and advantages, in favor of the Company, but to the detriment of Customer. The document “Quality Management Policy” is diffused, advertised by posting on the premises of the Company and verified and discussed annually during the review of the Management System.

The bases established on the assumption of what have been said above are: individual training, promotion and dissemination of organizational and business culture, sensitivity to economic results, behavioral ethics and promotion of the individual and total attitude of the Organization’s members, respect for the environment and physical and moral integrity of the persons involved in the Company’s activities.

The right tension for the achievement of economic objectives must never involve the sacrifice of rules, attitudes and practices that are respectful of ethics, the environment and the health and physical integrity of people. Consistent with the established principles and values, the “Top Management” has identified management style, autonomy and individual responsibility (within the limits imposed by planning and management control) and in the organization’s climate the essential elements of daily operations of all collaborators and at all levels of responsibility.

All the staff of the Organization is made aware of the decisions taken and the objectives identified, with regard to its overall performance.All the staff of the Organization is bound to follow the prescriptions and to respect, without any derogation, the procedures and practices set by the management system and to maintain constant reference to the principles expressed in this declaration. Within the three-year review limit of the policy, the “Top Management” will carry out annual reviews, in order to verify the degree of achievement of the general objectives established and the consistency of the behaviors.

The criteria set out above will be reviewed, in a formal way, by 2021, to evaluate its continuity and adequacy.


TST CO consider the environment and the sustainable development strategic and crucial factors to consolidate its management and for the development of its product on the national and international

market. The Company’s environmental policy is based on the basic principles and pursues the following strategic objectives.



– Protecting the environment, preventing and reducing pollution

– Improve and promote eco-friendly products and services

– Respect the applicable legal requirements and other commitments entered into by the Company

– Increase the Company’s value

Strategic objectives:

– The application to the entire Company of the environmental management system UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 completely structured and defined responsibilities to achieve environmental objectives

– Control and reduction of environmental impact with the use of the best available technologies and best practices in the design phases of their products. TST CO always consider the environmental effects generated by the processes of production, operation, disposal at the end of life and promote the use of recyclable or reusable materials

– Efficient use of energy resources and use of renewable and low-impact energy sources

– Promote sustainable environmental practices at suppliers

– Systematic application of a Monitoring Plan that foresees the control of the environmental effects of which the Company is responsible

– Training and sensitization of employees